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« : April 28, 2008, 05:53:50 AM »


Noticed that there are not that many posts about what actually works, and I thought perhaps there might be some other people who live in Australia, with a similar story...what works?

Well I can tell you if you go to Dick Smiths, and purchase a XH1202 (USB Bluetooth Dongle) it works ou of the box. The only thing I found is if you wnat the latest software (which I did), you will need to update it online.

Hope this helps others.
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« #1 : May 10, 2008, 01:53:13 AM »

Hi, do you know what shop I can get some good infrared LED's at??

I live in Melbourne and I went to dicksmith for LED's but they were all jumbled together and impossible to find. It took the guy there like half an hour to find one and i ended up screwing that one up because I didn't use a resistor -_-
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« #2 : May 10, 2008, 07:41:39 PM »

How good is it to see more Aussie's jumping on this project! I'm a PDHPE Teacher at Rooty Hill High School in NSW.

The answer to your problems:

Dick Smith Electronics: IR-LED (Z3235, www.dse.com.au) - Too weak, too narrow Viewing Angle (VA)
Jaycar: IR-LED (ZD1945, www.jaycar.com.au) - Too weak, too narrow VA
Altronics: IR-LED (Z0880, www.altronics.com.au) - Strong enough but very narrow VA
(I have tried them all, so know firsthand that they just don't cut the mustard)

Farnell: IR-LED (TSAL6400, www.farnell.com.au) This is the IR-LED Johnny uses. They also have a range of other strong IR-LED's with wider VA. The wider ones are local, hopefully arriving tomorrow. The Vishay come from England and are about a week away. ($10 min online order no postage for AUS, doesn't get much better)

See my post: http://www.wiimoteproject.com/ir-pens/electronics-101-sharing-my-mistakes-updated-t834.0.html

It explains the importance of Viewing Angle, LED Strength and other basic Electronic knowledge required to ensure your IR-Pen works.

When I get all the IR-LED's, I plan to run an experiment with all to see which works best for Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard, I will post online.

If you want parts/advice locally I recommend Altronics. They are a wholesaler to manufacturers so they don’t have 13yr olds on $2/hr but electrical engineers or students studying electrical engineering so they actually understand your question. They also have a broader range of components.


See my full profile and links on my Google Profile: http://www.google.com/profiles/benpaddlejones
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« #3 : May 19, 2008, 01:51:06 AM »

Sorry for the *very* late reply. I'm a n00by melbourne high school student that doesn't know much about this kind of electricity stuff :(

I need some help with making a pen but that shouldn't go in this section should it? I'll try to find a thread about making pens with the LED's that Johnny Lee used in his pen. Thank you very much for all the info.

I will probably get the ones that Johnny Lee used just because they seem the most reliable.
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