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: fpga board and wiimote  ( 4825 )
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« : February 08, 2009, 09:29:35 PM »


my friends and I are starting a little project regarding distance calculation and object tracking, and we were thinking of using a wiimote's IR sensor capability to track a moving object.

Our limitation is that the processing must be done with an FPGA board, a Virtex-2 Pro to be precise. This board does have a USB port, and we are aware the wiimote communicates through bluetooth technology.

We were thinking of inserting a USB bluetooth adapter into the FPGA board's USB port, then with any luck, receiving the signals from the wiimote and processing them.

We're not fully sure about the feasibility of this project, so we were wondering about any other experience people may have had in this kind of project?
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« #1 : February 14, 2009, 01:06:18 PM »

Dear EnigmaticRonin,
From what I understand of what you are trying to do the have a few options. If I understand correctly you want to connect to the wiimote camera but the wireless aspect isn't that important (meaning the wiimote can be close to the board). In this case you have 2 possibilities:

1. (less favourable but definetly feasible) If you don't mind getting your hands dirty than you can desolder the wiimote camera and connect it directly to the fpga board. The wiimote camera uses i2c protocol to conect and people have connected it to microprocessors. If you need links to this just ask, I have a few.

2. (more favourable but not sure how its done) I remember reading somewhere that you can access the camera through the usb where the nunchuck is connected. I can't remember where but after a small search I found this site that seems to confirm this:

I wouldn't connect the wiimote to the computer with this hack but it seems to confirm that there is some kind of connection there. Maybe someone else can help you with this

About connecting to the wiimote through the bluetooth I don't know how they do it exactly maybe someone else can help you with that approach. I hope I helped

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