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Welcome to the WiimoteProject -

Glad you could make it. 

So you probably came here because you watched a cool youtube video of Johnny Chung Lee doing some awesome stuff with a wii remote (wiimote) or you were on google searching for something to do with that wiimote you have and don't use.
Well this is the place for you!

So first off, where should you get started?
We have been around for a good bit now and have some really great post on how to get your feet wet.
Well that should give you a good start.  One thing I have to tell you though.  Johnny Chung Lee is not here, I created this site with his blessing to help the people that love his work and want to use it.   Please do not PM myself or other staff members thinking we are Johnny.
For those that would like to see a couple of videos to see what you can do with the Wiimote here you go:
Wiimote Whiteboard

Wiimote Finger Tracking
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