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: Solution for 4+ targets?  ( 3852 )
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« : February 12, 2008, 05:38:43 PM »

I understand that wiimote is fast and uses small bandwith because it has in-box 2D point tracking, which is good for games.
But at the same time it has it's the strongest limitation: it can process only 4 targets. It means that for head tracking or cursor tracking with many cameras (wiimotes) it could be the perfect 3D tracking platform.

But who needs a 3D tracking platform for 4 targets? There is no real use for that, except for the greatest idea of Wii gaming: buy 2 wiimotes, use one for tracking, one for gaming and have a lot of fun (for one people).

But the real questions is: how could we get 4+ targets out of wiimote?
Idea A: hack the hw and get the full raster CMOS signal and process it by PC. It's latency is going to be much worse than hw solution.
Idea B: design a small onboard SMD device, which processes up to 16 targets.

Look, it's possible (but at $500 for 1 camera and $5000 for a 8 camera system it's out of reach for many):
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« #1 : February 13, 2008, 02:47:19 PM »

Or you buy a webcam, remove the ir filter and add a couple photo negatives in from of it :)
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