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Author Topic: PC control : Wiimote Whiteboard used like MOUSEPAD  (Read 5839 times)
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« on: February 26, 2008, 09:13:40 PM »

Hi Everyone !

Ok, don't have time to write a lot about this so it'll be fast.

I transformed the IR light action into more sophisticated clicks, just as your laptop mousepad does. This is :

- Light on and move simply moves the pc mouse.
- Light on and quick off : Left click Once
- Light on-off-on-off quick : left double-click
- Light on-off-on quick : Left click and hold click.

The code is available on this page :

You'll find three files :
- File Form1.cs, in the C# project I modified
- File Codes Mousepad Code changes.doc, to show you what changed (for other dev languages)
- File .exe to see what's new !

Be careful that you need a good IR reception to get the clicks right. Every source blink can be seen as a click.

Tell me what you'd think of it !

Personnally, I've been able to open files, select and move text, close file and save... select multiple photos and open them. Sounds cool ? Just try it !


wii [at] c-cool-la-vie.com
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