Author Topic: Asus USB-BT21 Mini Bluetooth v2.0+EDR +MS Stack+ wiimote connect not working  (Read 8039 times)

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# Operating System: XP SP3
# Bluetooth Stack: Microsoft
# Bluetooth Stack version: 5.1.2600.5512
# Connection Method using: Wiimote connect
# Detailed description of what happens:

The stack detects the wii remote but only shows it as connected for a brief period. I am unable to use the wii remote through glovePIE at all. With WiimoteConnect, the wii remote can be detected under both the MS Stack and the program itself. While WiimoteConnect and the MS stack are connected, I can use the remote with GlovePIE but the connection dies shortly after.

I should note that I can use the Smoothboard software flawlessly with the MS stack and can also use my phone to transfer pictures. The wii remote appears under Keyboards, Mice and other Devices while it is connected.

Another thing to note that is that I can also connect using the Widcomm stack that comes with the device. With this stack I don't even need a 3rd party app like WiimoteConnect to establish and maintain a connection. The Broadcom drivers are able to successfully keep the connection alive. I can use GlovePIE successfully.

Note: The Asus did not support the MS Stack natively. I had to edit the .inf file to include it.

I should also note that after awhile, the controller will simply disappear from the list of devices that the MS Stack has connected to. My phone will still appear there though and hasn't disappeared.

# A screen dump of your device manager (Bluetooth Devices & Human Interface Devices expanded

Here it is not connected


Device Manager
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After using Smoothboard's SmoothConnect, are you able to use GlovePIE?

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