Author Topic: Autoconnect with BlueSoile  (Read 4490 times)

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on: September 17, 2009, 03:05:04 AM
I have some weird connection problems. I work with windows7 RC and a Belkin Mini Bluetooth Adapter. Windows 7 connects my wiimote but no Application(like Wiinremote or GlovePie) worked. The funny thing is the Autoconnect tools all worked fine. So I installed Bluesoile and now the Applications work. The bad thing is that now the autoconnection tools arent working. GlovePIE Works sometimes with the autoconnection feature but than it is not responding  >:( . It would be great if there is anyone who can give me a solution :D .  I want to build up a media computer with the wiimote as a remote for the windows media center. So Autoconnect would be great.

I hope you understand my bad english :-[ . Thank you!

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