Author Topic: Connected, but can't seem to move seemlessly  (Read 17301 times)

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on: April 27, 2008, 09:18:05 AM
I am SUPER new at all this stuff.  I learned about the Wiiboard in my masters class (EDTECH).  I have purchased my wiimote, and created my IR pointer.
Everything seems to connect, but I can't seem to callibrate.  I don't have a media projector at home. I wanted to test this right on my computer screen, but it seems to move opposite or randomly.  The pen does not work when I actually touch the computer screen.  How should I position the wiimote?  I am very confused, but excited to learn how to use this.
 ??? :D

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Reply #1 on: April 27, 2008, 11:38:55 AM
You dont need a projector (but it helps and is more fun)

If I point my pen at the screen of my laptop iI get almost no reflection at all since there is antireflective coatings...

I set it up at a tablet instead with a tripod to hold the wiimote and a placemat to use as working area

This setup works really well and my son showed his talents right away(ie easy to use)

As the IRpen it sould only be lit when you press a button - not always on or as in some cases flashing...

There is no need to touch the screen at all - I tend to hover a few mm's away from the surface - but on the placemat it works well touching as there is no surface Im afraid to scratch...

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