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Title: Frustration while trying to connect
Post by: BearJ on April 08, 2008, 06:22:47 PM
Hi all. I'm new to this whole wiimote hacking thing. I decided to start off easy, connect the wiimote to my computer and play a bit with Wiinremote and GlovePIE. So far I haven't gotten it to work. Here's what I tried:

Laptop #1 - Dell D620 with Dell 350 module.
Laptop #2 - Dell Inspiron 6000 with bluetooth module (I don't have the number with me)
Laptop #3 - Toshiba M205 with external "Vakoss" USB Bluetooth module (Broadcom 2045)

Laptops 1 and 2 run WindowsXP Pro and number 3 runs WinXP TabletPC. None of the three computers seem to use the same Bluetooth software.

All three laptops are showing the same problem which makes me wonder if I'm the one doing something wrong. I can connect the wiimote to any of the three without too much trouble. I've played the most on the Toshiba (since by the time I got to it I was most frustrated). If I start Wiinremote I don't see any data coming back, but if I enable the cursor then use my actual mouse to drag the cursor away from the top left corner, I feel a rumble in the wiimote when the cursor springs back. I can watch the connection status and see the wiimote transmit a few packets whenever a button is pressed, but I rarely see the kind of continuous data I would have expected from the accelerometers. Nothing on the Windows side ever seems to acknowledge any of the data though.

On GlovePIE I run the sample 3D wiimote script that comes with it and I can't seem to interact with it at all.

This is a link to the Vakoss adapter I'm trying: http://www.vakoss.com/motion.asp?siteid=100076&lgid=1&menuid=538&prodid=118480&cat=10081 . It came with the Widcomm stack I believe. I tried running the Broadcom update from here  http://www.broadcom.com/products/bluetooth_update.php but it complains that it can't verify the security of my bluetooth install and tells me to try again later.

So...I'm sort of lost here. It seems like something is blocking the flow of data from the wiimote to the applications. But the same thing across three different laptops, three different modules, and three different software packages?

Anyone have any clues? I seem to be rather clueless here...