Author Topic: Problems using a DELL - VOSTRO 1400 running Vista  (Read 3662 times)

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on: March 06, 2009, 09:48:24 PM
As I said before I have a DELL laptop
vostro 1400
I asked them (dell) to include the bluetooth module

At first it looks ok, I go to my bluetooth devices
I ask to add a device
press the 1+2 wiimote buttons
my lap says "you have a nintendo control there" (with other words, ok)
I ask it to add that Nintendo control
Not to use pairing numbers
Vista tells me "I'm adding" and finally,
"Your device is attached"
and I can see that "device" in my bluetooth list.
Then I ran the "WiimoteWhiteboard.exe"
and I got an error window telling me that there is no a wiimote on my system
If I go to check my bluetooth devices, the wiimote is not there.

Do you have any idea about what should I do?

In the attached file you can see some pictures of the whole process, including pics about my BT controller, software and versions.

Anybody has solved this problem before?
Should I run to buy a new BT adapter?

Thanks for your time to read this post.

Juan Jose Plascencia from Qro, MEX.