Author Topic: What hardware/software do I need to connect my WiiMote to my computer?  (Read 8838 times)

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This question may be in the wrong forum, and it may have been answered a ton of times, but I am curious and asking anyways. I recently saw the youtube videos about this, and thought it looked amazing! All of the projects. I would love to use them! This is exactly what I need to know:

What I can connect my WiiMote to the computer with.
Examples of the hardware I can use to do this.
What software is nessecary in addition to the hardware to do this (and does the only software I need come with the hardware)

Keep in mind that I do already know that I need the Visual Basic C++, or C#, (I'll look it up again when I get that far) and I know where to get it. Thank you very much!

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hardware : usb bluetooth dongle
software : blue soleil

try this :)  -->

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you dont necessarily need blue soliel. there are other bluetooth stacks that you can use.

you can even use the default drivers on some adapters

you also might need a light pen, which consists of some sort of container, an IR led preferably 100ma, a momentary switch and a power source.

most LEDs of the IR nature has a forward voltage of 1.2 - 1.8 volts so you can just strap it right to a AA, AAA or N type battery. any more power, or more LEDs you need a resistor. there are many pen schematics laying around though.

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