Author Topic: Widcomm Help!  (Read 4737 times)

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on: October 30, 2009, 12:58:00 AM
Hey there guys, i have been looking through this forum for hours, to find an answer, i have come across some good information, and think i am near the solution, just need a bit of help.

Tonight i purchased a iogear usb bluetooth dongle, it came with Widcomm Software, (5.0)

As i now know, that stack doesn't seem to work with the wiimote, because you can't "skip" on the passkey part, i tried bluesoleil, but it doesn't support my USB Dongle.

So i went to    as some of you said to do, but i don't know where to find the "PnPID"   I used to have the "Name with yellow exclamation beside it"  But i no longer see that.

it shows "Broadcom USB Bluetooth" Or something along those lines, i am unsure on how to get the PnPID from that.

My Bluetooth Headset works by the way, but that doesn't require a passkey, but i want my wiimote to work, so i need to figure out how to fix this.

And should i remove my Widcomm software, that came with the IOGear Dongle?

Also, will i be able to use GlovePie, without Bluesoleil?