Author Topic: [SOLVED] Wiimote Connects via Bluetoth, but only LEDS work (none of the buttons)  (Read 4453 times)

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Thanks benpaddlejones!  I found the fix on another thread, all I had to do was delete two entries from the Device Manager and it all works great!

Hi!  I've been trying to get my wiimote connect to my lenovo w500 thinkpad with thinkpad bluetooth 2.1 with enhanced data rate .  I was able to connect it initially using bluesoleil, and it worked perfectly with glovePIE, smoothboard, etc.

However, bluesoleil is only free for 15 days and limits you to 2 mbs and I'm looking for a more permanent solution.  I managed to connect my wiimote successfully through the Microsoft Stack with the help of Wiimoteconnect.  When I tried to use glovePIE, the LEDs responded to scripted commands but none of the buttons did. (the LEDs only worked after bluetooth fix was enabled).  When I tried smoothboard, the wiimote was found and connected successfully but I received the following error when trying to start smoothboard: Error reading data from it connected? (again the LEDs did respond to the program).

All help would be greatly appreciated!  Below are the results to the steps in the sticky:

Stage 1 (Check Bluetooth)
Bluetooth works with another device

Stage 2 (Update software)
Everything updated, still not working

Stage 3 (Update HID drivers)
Everything is up to date.

Stage 4 (Bluetooth HID Keyboard Error)

Stage 5 (Block Windows Drivers (Works with Widcomm & Bluesoleil only)

Stage 6 (Reload Stack/Load Different Stack)
Bluesoleil works perfectly, but couldn't get widcomm to work
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Glad I could be of assistance (without directly assisting) :)

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