Author Topic: WiiMote+Nunchucks connectivity issue with XP on a MacMini (Bootcamp)  (Read 5260 times)

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I'm currently running XP SP2 via Bootcamp on a MacMini with Apple's built-in Bluetooth.

I was able to get DarwinRemote to work in a few seconds on the Mac side, however I've been having extreme difficulty for the past few days in getting the same to work on the PC side.

I'm using MS's BT stack. The first time I try connecting it after I've booted up the computer, the Wiimote is detected and MS BT stack claims it is "Connected". However, the Wiimote's 4 LEDs continue to blink and if I load up either WiinRemote or GlovePIE, the lights continue to blink. WiinRemote claims that a Wiimote is present, however, it does not detect any buttons that I press or the motion sensors in the remote or the nunchucks. GlovePIE gives me no notification that the Wiimote is connected at all and when I run a simple test script: "W = Wiimote1.Up" it's clear that GlovePIE is not receiving anything from the remote.

Like I said earlier, I'm able to connect the remote and play emulators with it in a matter of minutes on the mac side, so I'm convinced it's not a hardware issue.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Drew,

There may be some conflicts among your HID devices.

If possible, please do post up a screenshot of your Device Manager with the expanded HID device list.

Maybe, you should also try to connect the Wiimote via Smoothboard just to check whether it works.

Boon Jin

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