Author Topic: USA - What is the BEST Bluetooth Dongle available for the wiimote and WinXp?  (Read 8077 times)

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I am gone through the huge list of various BT dongles and the best stack to get it to work etc. 

I am wondering, from your personal experiences, which is the best available BT Dongle that connects easily to the WiiMote and will offer the most available functions (especially for Whiteboard applications)?

I wish there was one that I could just plug into My WinXP machine and the wiimote connects without any additional software, using only the WinXP BT Dongle Drivers/Stack.  Is that possible?
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Yes the XP drivers option is best. You can then use Thex's wiiconnect application which makes connection a breeze.

I suggest you add which country/region your from  and add it to the forum header "Help, XP Driver dependant USB BT Dongle Needed in ????".

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