Author Topic: WiimoteConnect UPDATE(0.5.9) now with multi wiimote support!  (Read 187638 times)

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Reply #75 on: June 02, 2009, 10:19:15 PM
Amazing little program Thex!

I've been promoting your work, and Boon Jin's, to teachers in my school board.  I'm working on making "Interactive Whiteboard in a Box" kits for my colleagues, and trying to improve running the software from a USB flash drive.

Is it possible (in v.0.6.0, or a future version) to put a "relative path" into the "run programme" field? (so it will connect to Smoothboard.exe (on the USBdrive) no matter what drive letter is assigned)

Is it possible to keep the current "Wiimote Connect" settings in a file on the USBdrive?  It seems to lose the settings with different PC's or different sticks (although maybe this is in how I distribute the files to teachers in other schools, as a zipped folder).

Thanks for all your work!
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