Author Topic: 3DS game is dumped and real R4 3DS card may come later  (Read 3935 times)

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Good news, 3 3DS games are successfully dumped out by the most famous DUMP organizer LGC team. It is the new break pot of Nintendo 3DS jailbreak. It means the real R4 3DS card will come in not long time.

With it's own assembled equipment, LGC team successfully DUMP 3 3DS games, which is:

Super_Monkey_Ball_3D_EUR_3DS-LGC  (Download link)

By checking the NFO infomations, we know the capacity of before 2 games are 2GB(256MB), the last game capacity is 4GB (512MB).

As we know, 3DS jailbreak is not so easy as it is very new. All R4 3DS cards on the market currently run on 3DS console with DSi model, they are actually DSi cards. But now, the real R4 3DS card may come out soon. The DUMP team successfullly run these 3 3DS ROMs on its own equipment, 3DS game jailbreak is largely speed up. We belive the flashcard manufacturors will follow it in the first time, and the real 3DS card will come soon.