Author Topic: Deluxe Edition v4.0b2 support Multi-rom is released, which one to buy?  (Read 3430 times)

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R4ids offical team finally released the new firmware v4.0b2 yesterday on July 15th.  Just as they promised, the v4.0b2  can support Multi-roms and  FAT32&exFAT now. More details you can see the following news:

Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0b2 is released ! (2014-07-15)
change log:
1.Support Multi-ROM
2.Support FAT32&exFAT
3.Support up to 32GB tf card
4.Support online play(to be tested)
5.Because of the 3ds systemís updating, emuNand is delayed.
Attention: For the limitation of memory space, the MH4 patch cannot be added in this update, sure you can play the MH4 through Deluxe Firmware 4.0B1.

Now we can there are three cards can support multi-rom now: Gateway 3ds, mt card and r4i gold deluxe edition, then which one should buy? Although r4i gold deluxe edition can support multi-rom now, but still  no nand saving games(pokemon and animal crossing) no homebrew, no eshop support. So if you want to enjoy those powerful features, then recommend you guys to buy mt card:  instead.

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personally i suggest you buy gateway 3ds or mt-card. If gateway 3ds price is higher for you,then buy mt-card,this is the most popular 3ds game card supports future update. We can use this card to play pokemon x/y, animal crossing, eshop games and online games. Got my mt-card from a usa official distributor : , arrived my door within 3 days,very quickly.