Author Topic: Flash Frame Rate VS Wiimote Scanning Frequency  (Read 5120 times)

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on: September 21, 2010, 04:06:02 AM
Hi All,

I am doing a project with Action Script in Flash, to control the movement of a Flash character.
On the timeline, there is only a single frame, so what is the frequency of the movement of the character?
As I understand, the scanning frequency of Wiimote is 400Hz, and I used 24 frame/s in Flash.
My question is, is the frequency of character movement the same as the 24frame/s or depends on the coding in Action Script?
And if the frequency of the character IS the same as the 24 frames/s I set, is it possible that the movement becomes smoother when I set the frequency to 100 f/s?
If it is not relevant to the Flash frame rate, can I set it to 1 f/s and still get smooth movement?

Do I need a timer to get the data from Wiimote from time to time, eg, 1/X second?