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on: August 04, 2009, 05:25:40 PM

Hi, i have a proposal for all of you game programmers.
I'm the owner of My Wii Center ( ), a site with Flash games
to be played browsing from Wii or PC.

Our site is gaining popularity, and it will have soon a very high daily traffic flow.

We want our game offering to be of greater variety, and currently we would need the
following Flash games to be added to the site:

- A car racing game with 1-st person perspective
  (i.e. the viewing camera is inside your car)

- A car racing game with panoramic perspective
  (i.e. the viewing camera shows the cars and the track from the top, looking down)

- A motorcycle racing game with 1-st person perspective

- A motorcycle racing game with panoramic perspective

- A "blast billiards" game, similar to Trick Blast Billiards (the game number 12 on my site),
  but without the constraint that when the white ball falls in the hole, it's "game over".
  That should give a time penalty only, otherwise it's too frustrating.

- A Bomberman game, with a strong Adventure mode, and an optional Battle mode (not needed anyway).
  Examples of "bomberman adventure" , from which you could take inspiration:
  Bomberman 93 for the SNES ( )
  Neo Bomberman for the Neo Geo ( )
  Bomberman 64 for the N64 ( )
  Bomberman 64 second attack

- A puzzle-action game similar to Chu-Chu Rocket for Dreamcast and GBA
  ( )
  ( )

- An action game similar to Pang
  ( )
  ( )
  ( )
  ( )

- A fancy minigolf game similar to Kirby's Dream Course
  ( )
  ( )
  ( )

- A board game that should be a clone of Spot 7Up for Game Boy and NES
  ( )
  ( )

- A soccer game similar to Soccer Brawl for the Neo Geo
  ( )
  The gameplay could be eventually simplified

- A frisbee game similar to Windjammers for the Neo Geo
  ( )

... other games we'll add to the list

We would like you to collaborate with us, developing those games and allowing us
to use them on our site.
Your revenue, and other terms of collaboration, still have to be well defined.
In the meantime, we could rough out here some aspects of the collaboration:

- the owner of the game is you, you host it on your site, and we'll only embed it.
  you hold the copyright of your game.

- you can put your ads in the game, and monetize from them. an high traffic flow on
  our site should guarantee that your game also will have an high flow of accesses,
  so the revenue coming from your ads is expected to be appropriate for you.

- we'll add a link towards your site, in "our friends" section, for conveying
  to you our traffic, and to place your site higher in search engines' rank

Note that the points above, and the whole terms of the collaboration we'll define,
could be subject to changes, following your needs.
We'll negotiate together all the details.

Technical requirements:

- all games must be compatible with Flash player 7 ( and ActionScript 2 ) ,
  because the Wii's browser still runs that version.

- all games must be controlled by mouse movement and left-click on PC, and Wiimote
  movement and A button on Wii.

  So, in the racing games, the player moves the car by moving the mouse or wiimote,
  and accelerates by holding the left mouse button, or the A button on Wiimote.

  In the bomberman game, you should drop a bomb with the left-click or A button, and
  move bomberman moving the mouse or wiimote.

  In the billiards game, the player chooses the direction moving the mouse or wiimote,
  then pushes A or left mouse button for confirming the direction,
  and finally he chooses the shot power by pushing the button again.

  And so on...
  all required input should be the mouse (wiimote) movement and left click (A button).

- all games should let you save the game. If you plan to use cookies, note that
  they can't be set on the Wii.
  So, it is reccomended to save the user's game on server-side, and/or to allow
  users to enter a password to jump on a certain level  (like the old NES games, or
  classic DOS games, which provide you a password when you finish a level, so you
  could enter the password to resume your progress next time you play).

- all elements in the game must be clearly distinguishable on TV,
  playing with the Wii.
  So, it is reccomended an intelligent selection of colors, and the elements should
  be sufficiently large.
  You should often test your games on the Wii, because the visibility of things on TV
  is unexpectedly worse than on PC monitors.

- the game menus, and the gameplay expecially, should be easy to understand,
  intuitive, and aimed to users which have not will to think and learn too much.

Please let me know if you're interested in taking part in this project,
or if you know someone interested, and we'll talk about the details.

Thank you in advance

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