Author Topic: Head tracking for flash and whiteboard  (Read 5021 times)

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on: June 05, 2009, 05:07:27 AM
Hi, I have a project that I'm starting right now and would really appreciate if I could get some advice.

Basically I'm building an installation, using a rear projector and the wiimote whiteboard to track a IR-pen as a mouse I will  build a fairly simple flash game controlled with the pen. Up to that point I'm good since that should be fairly simple using all the whiteboard software already available.

Now I want the application to be able to do head tracking so, people can move and the perspective would move with them, Cheking around I found that the wiimote can't (or at least there has not been found a usable solution) ID the IR blobs, so I was thinking that I could set up the installation so one wiimote is looking from beyond the glass to track the IR-pen and one other wiimote up in the ceiling pointing straight down to track a couple of IR leds that are on the top of a hat or cap of some sort, then theoretically I would only need to change what the movement of the leds corresponds to the tracking (say normally rotation is equal to yaw, then in this case rotation is equal to pitch, and yeah I know thats probably wrong but I'm not really good at describing that without a long post so yeah).

To avoid one wiimote tracking another wiimote points, the IR in the hat would be covered so their light would only be pointing up, and the top of the rear projector would be covered too to avoid the light from the IR pen to be seen by the other wiimote.

Now would this work?

And if it does how would I go about using the information of the other wiimote in flash so the tracking is usable? I heard about papervision 3D but I would really appreciate it if I could be pointed in the direction of code to study or even a tutorial of some sort.