Author Topic: Portable game devices etc.  (Read 6434 times)

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on: July 30, 2008, 12:52:13 AM
I don't know how well this might work but seeing as the wiimote interacts with IR, I was wondering if it could be used in conjunction with portable game devices such as psp. I do not know what way they could be used yet, but it may open up possibilities. I haven't heard of anything on psp using its IR yet. there's also the nintendo portable system of long past (i'm not sure if DS has IR) the gameboy color which i believe also has IR. maybe that could enable new types of 3d games in 2d portable spaces as long as there is a way to connect the wiimote to the portable device selected.

furthermore, the psp has wireless capabilities as well which through that, it could possibly connect to something wirelessly and be displayed on the tv. this can provide dual screen capabilities.

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Reply #1 on: August 05, 2008, 03:37:41 AM
You guys have done an outstanding job!  My hats off to all your hard work.

I have an Nokia N95-3, this thing is awesome it runs on symbian OS S60v3, has 3g network, WIFI, bluetooth, InfraRed, GPS, 3d graphics, tv out, and accelerator much like the Wii!  Recently, I saw a this site:
They simply used the same bluetooth techniques, and made a wireless bluetooth gamepad for Symbian Cell Phones, with all the functionality of the Wii controller.  This together with tv out, creates a true mobile gaming system (play anywhere).

Your knowledge joined with theirs would create "killer" programming for these minicomputers.  Imagine the possibilities your IR innovations would bring for future apps, true interactive 3d GPS, interactive 3d gaming, and possibly 3d net surfing.  Im am so excited to see the fruits of your labor!

Please contact the guys over at mobi-pad, a collaborative effort would be huge for these cell phones and for the mobile industry. 
I-phone killer, I think so!