Author Topic: My Wii Center : Wii-friendly site with games, TVs, radios and videos  (Read 8425 times)

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Hi everyone.
My name is Alessandro (i'm italian , sorry for the bad english :) ).

I've created , for a degree thesis , a web site in which people can play games , watch videos , TV channels and radio online from Wii or PC.
It's an online mediacenter for Wii , but PC users are welcome too.

I've opened this topic for inviting all of you to do a little test of my site
( ).

I'll be very grateful if you report me some information among these :

1) Hardware platform you've used for visiting it (Wii , PC , Mac)

2) The browser (Internet Explorer , Firefox...)

3) Your screen resolution

4) Is the site easy to use ?

5) If you are visiting it from Wii , are all the elements well visible on your TV ?

6) Are there any problems? Like pages that don't load, images that incorrectly overlap each other , or don't load, etc.

7) Last , if you like the graphic style (i think it must be improved).

Also, an overall impression about the site , if you like it or not in general.

I thank all of you for your patience , hoping in your collaboration.
I'd like to improve my site following your hints :)

p.s. for mods : the admin gave me permission to create this thread. Is it possible to sticky it also?