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Title: WiiWare game
Post by: EskimoJoe on May 10, 2008, 09:30:36 AM
So, I was thinking a while ago about how cool it would be to make a game, and how WiiWare seemed to be the ultimate tool for indie developers and people who don't own huge companies. Later, when I was thinking of this forum, I put the two ideas together.

Who wants to try to make a WiiWare game around headtracking? I think that if we as a community worked together, we could make some sort of WiiWare game that's main draw is headtracking. I've seen plenty of people on this forum who seem to know many of the technical things needed. Programming and such. I think that a headtracking game would not only make the headtracking capabilities of the Wii better known to the public, it oculd also make a bit of money. Who else thinks it would be really fun for us to try something like that?
Title: Re: WiiWare game
Post by: davemacd on May 12, 2008, 07:16:27 AM
This is certainly a very cool idea, but I think the people in this forum would be more capable of putting together a PC game that utilized head tracking.  Creating software for a gaming platform is more involved, and more expensive.

Yes, WiiWare draws in more independent game developers, and the Wii SDK (software developer kit) is much cheaper than the PS3 or X360 SDK, but it's still a few thousand dollars.  You can't do the homebrew thing and expect the big N to put it on the WiiShop channel.

Bottom line: cool idea, but I don't think WiiWare is the best implementation.
Title: Re: WiiWare game
Post by: EskimoJoe on May 12, 2008, 09:44:10 AM
True, it is very expensive. I think that is probably the biggest hurdle with the idea. It would just be the perfect platform to get the whole headtracking scene more into the mainstream. It would really wow people and allow them to see what the Wii was capable of beyond the ordinary.

IGN: As far as getting a dev kit goes, how difficult is that for a developer? The price is $2,000, but previously Nintendo wanted a ton of specifics. You needed to have a company address that was zoned industrial, and it needed to be a pure licensed developer. It isn't exactly an "open source" feeling in that sense, while it is extremely accessible for those in the position to develop already.

Prata: For non-licensed developers we're encouraging them to fill out a license application so that they can become developers for Nintendo. It is the same type of development you'll do with any retail content, but it's a different type of retail in that sense. The end result is content that will be delivered to consumers digitally, so we're also providing the confidential information in the form of SDK's and the like, so we do require that they're a licensed developer. They can always contact us fill out a developer application though.
Quoted from an IGN interview. Yeah, there would be alot of work involved for an online community to make a Wiiware game, but I just think that if it's possible, we should go for it. I doubt we'll be able to, though. Just throwing ideas around.