Author Topic: Competition is trying to catch up.  (Read 3753 times)

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on: October 21, 2009, 04:33:27 AM
Hey folks I just stumbled across a company that is selling an interactive white board system which works on largly the same principles as our beloved WiiMote white board. They call their device view touch and they are selling it for $350.00 dollars.  Get more information at: The Wii system is still less expensive but this is getting too close for comfort because this View Touch would have no bluetooth connection hassles, and no hacking of a permanent power solution. This now gets power from a USB connection, I assume. I didn't see any specs on the camera resolution.  Anyway, I thought I'd make us all aware.

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Reply #1 on: October 21, 2009, 10:36:55 AM

Similar to what David has found at, there are indeed many other optical interactive whiteboard solutions in the market.

In fact, there are many such solutions shown in large trade shows. Mostly the common functionalities are the USB connection and high resolution tracking.

In my opinion, the Wiimote till now still remains the most cost effective and accessible solution that can be easily adopted by anyone. The issue with the interactive whiteboard system like the one you have mentioned is the lack of marketing in the mainstream.

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Reply #2 on: October 23, 2009, 05:55:31 AM
It is interesting isn't it shakespeare? Seems imitation is the greatest compliment.
Some general points
First lets assume this system tracks the pointer as well as WIWB.
1/ WIWB is wireless! People like that and pay more usually for wireless stuff. This wireless connection is seamless and rock-solid provided you use Smoothboard 1.6 and the MS stack. These guys are specifying their hardware precisely, lets compare apples with apples. Lets do the same.
2/ This one doesn't look like it annotates very well - that is a real bummer. The other one I found does but it costs $800-900AUS.
3/ Neither of them incorporate remote control of a PC and provide wireless presenter mode. The one you found only gets this functionality by bundling what looks like a standard commercial wireless PowerPoint remote. Lets see it handle Google Earth
4/ The Wiimote project has a wide range of other functions, I also would use it just for what Wiimote analyzer can do for my maths and science class, peruse the rest of the board and you'll see some interesting stuff.
I love these things though because the worst thing that can happen is it will sharpen up Promethean and SMARTech, much like the Asus netbook eeePC's have sharpened up the act of HP, Apple, Dell etc...
Bring it on.