Author Topic: New 1.6 version doesnt work on any of our computers but old version does.  (Read 3322 times)

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We have made a substantial investment just testing this system out and the 1.5 version works fine, however the new version, 1.6, does not and I am rather upset. We keep getting an unhandeled exeption error message I need some help and a solution. We have spent a considerable amount of money and my job is at risk because it was I who persuaded the board of directors that your system was the best way to go and i need to fix this mess by monday.

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We apologize for the issues with the unhandled exception as the version 1.6 required an updated .net 3.5 Framework.

We have already fixed this issue and removed the need for the updated .net 3.5 Framework. It now should work the same as previously with 1.5.

The latest Smoothboard version can be downloaded from our website.

If the older file is cached by the proxies, you may download from this temporary link which will be made available for the next few days.

If you have any urgent enquiries, please do email directly to [email protected] for faster response.

We hope that the latest Smoothboard version will be working well for your school.
Smoothboard 1.6 contains the built-in Wiimote automatic connect feature, SmoothConnect. This feature is available if the MS Bluetooth stack is used. Otherwise, the Smoothboard software should be launched normally like before.

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Princeton Academy,

I had the same problem, I updated .Net to 3.5 and all issues gone...

SB 1.6 is a fantastic piece of software especially Smoothconnect, that alone is worth any initial hassles.