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on: September 21, 2010, 09:13:54 AM
Greetings to everyone. Im a 3D animator and im a beginner to programming related stuff. Currently, im trying to create a real time animation system so that i can control my 3D character with WiiMote. For an example [youtube][/youtube] This was a example that made by Roland Dell'mour but im unable to contact him for he detail of his project. So im trying my luck here and hoping someone out there may help me with my problem. For the detail of my project, im going to create a 3D character with Autodesk Maya and i would like to connect a WiiMote to Autodesk Maya so i can control it. I sincerely hope someone may help me with my problem :( Thanks in advance.

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Reply #1 on: September 21, 2010, 09:49:27 PM
Hey. This is areally cool looking project. I'm not an animator myself, but I know a little bit about game programming and this is most similar to creating a video game. Forgive me if I tell you things that you already know but, in order for a 3D animated character to be controlled by the wii-remote, or any real time control system, it must be "rigged" with a skelton. I'm not sure if maya has the capability to add "Bones" to an animated character but let me assume for the moment that it does. The length, and the positions of these bones are then connected to some outside input, ussually on screen slider, at first, and the 3D primitives that make up the character are hung of the bones, and they go whereever the bones go. In a very sophisticated system they may also lag behind because the are influenced by a physics system. That is, when we take off in real life, it take a white for our hair to overcome it's inirtia and then be "yanked" along for the ride. Also, if there were some wind blowing, our hair would be influenced, and then there's gravity, etc. One of the toughest things about game programming is that the computer knows nothing about these onless special algorythms (physics systems) are put into place to make the characters and objects act like they are in a somewhat real world, but back to the bones.

The bones, in there turn, do what ever the sliders tell them to do, and then SOMEHOW, you will have to get the Wii remotes accelerometers, buttons and maybe IR point possitions, to connect to the sliders, or Maya would have to provide and API, (application programming interface) to the world outside of the program, or AT LEAST make ever movement of a slider able to connect to a keyboard button, or mouse button / movement. One of your best bets for a program that can help you with this is Glove pie. It can surface all of the data coming out of the Wii Remote, and let you connect it to any keyboard button, or mouse button. Good luck and please let us know of your progress.

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