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Title: always-on sync possible without mod?
Post by: zsero on December 05, 2010, 07:13:48 AM
I have just started looking into wiimote projects and I see it's really easy to supply permanent power, but I don't see how is it possible to put it into permanent sync mode!

My findings are that:
- pushing 1 & 2 stops working after about 30 seconds. The blinking just stops after that time. Sync stop too.
- pushing the red sync button starts blinking the LEDs for any amount of time, but it doesn't work as a sync mode, it just flashes the LEDs!

On the internet, I find different contradicting statements about it.

1. In this video, it attaches a reset insert, a piece of plastic to engage always sticky red button. In my case it doesn't put the remote into discovery mode, it just blinks the LEDs.

2. These guys have a magic device which auto engages sync mode after every power on:
I don't know how is it possible, since it would need force to push that button, and I doubt that little battery case would have some motor.

3. On smoothboard wiki
It modifies the wiimote to engage a remote button press/shorting meaning that no other solution is possible!

Can you tell me what's the case? I have black wiimotes and for me none of the automatic discovery worked!
Title: Re: always-on sync possible without mod?
Post by: boonjin on December 05, 2010, 09:50:14 AM

You may not be able to put it into 'permanent sync mode' but you are able to put the Wiimote in 'sync mode' when it is powered up using a power supply. If the Wiimote's 1+2 buttons or the Red Sync button is pressed continuously when the Wiimote is powered up, it will be in 'sync mode'.

Therefore, you can get the power supply units that is sold by both the resellers which should put the Wiimote in sync mode when the power is supplied. This will be useful in permanent setups where the Wiimote is mounted and the Wiimote is not directly accessible where you will just need to switch on the power supply (may be via a remote control or a switch) and the Wiimote will be in sync mode while Smoothboard's SmoothConnect tries to connect to it.

The wiki regarding the Wiimote modfications is only for those who would like to modify the Wiimote which is not necessary for this case.

Boon Jin
Title: Re: always-on sync possible without mod?
Post by: zsero on December 05, 2010, 10:38:23 AM
OK, I see it now!

So there is no such mode as permanent sync/discovery, all what these things do is to engage a sync as soon as the device has powered on. Which means there is 20? seconds from the power on for a computer to find the device. So it means that you need to have your computer running looking for Bluetooth devices (for example with Smooth Connect) by the time you power on the wiimote-s.

Are there any side effects having the red sync button pushed all the time? I've just checked and it seems that after the sync happens I can control the LEDs, so not even the red sync button is forcing the LEDs to blink, which I thought was the case. Any other possible side effects? Is there any part in a wiimote which would overheat for example?

Title: Re: always-on sync possible without mod?
Post by: boonjin on December 05, 2010, 06:42:47 PM

The 20 seconds period should be sufficient for the connection of the Wiimote if SmoothConnect is running in the background.

The Red Sync button will only put the Wiimote in discovery mode if it is not connected yet.

The Wiimote should have not have issues with this pairing method as many have done it. However, no guarantees. :)

Boon Jin