Author Topic: Does the Wii camera have the same resolution in both x and y direction?  (Read 5907 times)

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 Hi !
I was just wondering if the Wi remote camera have the same resolution in both x and yu directions? In other words does it have the same Field Of View (FOV) of 45 degress in both x and y directions or they differ? Where can I find this information?

I have also another question  and that if the resolution of 1024*768 causes any difference in the field of view? Can anybody exaplain me alittle ?


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Good question: two possibilities

A: it could be a 1:1 ratio in terms of the field of vision, its just that it tracks better in the X (side to side) than Y because of the higher resolution.

B: it sees further out of the X than the Y

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Its more of a 4:3 ratio like a standard monitor, television, or non-wide screen projection.
Approximately 40 degrees by X and 30 degrees by Y.

The formula for the distance from your writing surface is Distance = 2 times Height, if you want to know how far the Wiimote should be if centered on a standard screen.

(Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I got from reading for awhile.)
(Sorry if that has nothing to do with your post, in resolution terms its close to 800 x 600 ratio on a monitor. I forgot the actual resolution, it's a bit lower than that. More close to 400 x 300)