Author Topic: Handwriting Recognition Software  (Read 5964 times)

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on: June 04, 2009, 02:21:23 PM
Try these programs when using Whiteboard or Smoothboard.  They may have a 30-day trial, but can be very useful and lots of fun.

MyScript Stylus         (most advanced handwriting software I could find, very affordable)

PenOffice                 (moderate handwriting recognition, but you can write on the whole screen and draw)

Linktivity                  (free, great for drawing on the screen w/o interfering with other programs or files.
...and if you havent tried these, do so soon:

Cooliris        (free add-on to Firefox or IE)

Photosynth            (free, you synths can be made public or private)

Let me know if you have anything else to share.  I'm always interested in finding more programs or uses in conjunction with Whiteboard and Smoothboard.