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AC/DC Adapter and Remote Sync Available Now from has been working hard to help the wiimote whiteboard become a more permanent solution in the classroom.  This is why we are now offering a direct plug in adapter and insert for the wii remote.  This in conjunction with our remote sync accessory allows the user to never have to press the 1 and 2 buttons again!

AC/DC Adapter and Wii Remote Insert Specifications:
    This adapter works much like batteries in that it supplies the necessary power for safe and reliable use of your wii remote.
    • Input: 100-240 VAC (Can be used around the world with proper plug size adapter which we will carry shortly)
    • Output: 3 VDC
    • Cord Length: 6 Feet
    • White Extension Cord: 4 Feet
    • Total Length of Cords: 10 Feet

Wii Remote Insert/Mount Specifications
  • Inset 1/4" x 20 Thread Count for easy mounting for Tripods or our Ceiling Mounts
  • Green power indicator light
  • Fits snugly for easy installation
**Tested with both smoothboard 1.6 and Wiimote Whiteboard 1.0.1

$34.99   **Discount when bundled with our remote sync accessory. See webpage for details.

Hassle Free Wired Pushbutton Remote Sync Accessory

This remote sync accessory plugs directly into our AC/DC adapter and extension for a hassle free way to remotely sync your wii remote.  Need  to put your wii remote into discovery mode?  Just install this accessory (simple plug in), mount the pushbutton to your desk/wall/whiteboard and then press the button anytime you need to put the wii remote into discovery mode. No programming or batteries needed.
  • Barrel type plugs that plug directly into our ac adapter
  • Surface Mount Switch
  • 25 Foot long cord that allows for installation in almost any situation
  • Includes the "sync spot" that is installed on the sync button on the wii remote (see video demonstration below)

$19.99    *****Discount when bundled with our AC/DC adapter and Wii remote insert. See webpage for details.

Video Demonstration of product


Wireless Remote Sync to come soon.
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Very cool, but do you offer an extension for the AC adapter. I don't have an ac outlet on the ceiling and would need an extension for it to reach the nearest outlet. 

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Thank you for your post and question.

We do now have a 25 foot extension that pugs directly into our AC/DC adapter listed on our webpage.  We will also be selling a 12 foot extension within a weeks time.

Best wishes to you this new year,