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General Hardware Talk / Bluetooth alternative: VGA -> wiimote access?
« on: April 23, 2008, 01:20:38 PM »
Here's an interesting tidbit:

Instead of using Bluetooth, an enterprising indiviual could theoretically build a cable and simple software to connect a wii's I2C expansion port to a standard monitor port.

Just thought I'd toss that out there in case anyone's interested. ;)

Project Ideas / Idea: Light-art grafitti
« on: April 02, 2008, 07:16:12 PM »
How about this idea.  Use a wiimote to paint a real location.  For example, (harmlessly) scribble all over a forest, park, back yard, etc.

* LCD projector (hopefully a good, bright, high-res one)
* Wiimote (of course)
* Laptop
* Art progam of your choice Hint: I think artrage would be a fun choice (free demo version would even be great)
* A wiimote->system cursor driver. (glove PIE?)  May need a little coding/calibration help to get this working.

* Wait for nightfall so you can see what's going on. (The darker the better!)
* Crank the wiimote up as you normally would.
* Place your projector far enough away from your target area that it covers the whole thing.
* Somehow calibrate your wiimote (Like I say, I haven't quite worked this part out yet)
* Load up the art program and set the background to BLACK (aka, no light projected)
* Now you should be able to run around and scribble on any surface facing the projector and have lines show up realtime.
* Put candy cane stripes on trees, give restroom doors (immature) new labels, draw a chaulk outline of yourself on the ground... in short, HAVE FUN!

What do you think?  Also, any ideas on how the driver should be set up?

General Hardware Talk / Army uses WIIMOTE to diffuse bombs!
« on: April 01, 2008, 03:55:33 PM »
Hey, in case you thought using wiimote to make your little RC car was cool, check this out.  The army is starting to use them to control bomb-diffusing robots!

Hey, JCL is making the world a safer place! B)

I hated the idea of demo-wareing BlueSolei, not to mention wiping the stack on my computer.  Anyway, after much playing I found a simple recipe that works.

NOTE: I have only tried this with my stack (the one that comes installed with ThinkPad internal bluetooth).  If somebody wants to confirm  or deny that it works on other things, I'm sure the community would appreciate it.

What happens (the obvious way):
1) You hold down both 1 and 2 on wiimote.
2) You go into "My Bluetooth Places" and click "Find Bluetooth Devices".
3) It finds it, and you click it.
4) You eventually wind up at the "Bluetooth Paring" window, where the "skip" button doesn't work. :(

What happens my way:
1) You hold down both 1 and 2 on wiimote.
2) You go into "My Bluettoth Places" and click "Bluetooth Setup Wizard" instead.
3) On the first screen, select "I want to find a specific Bluetooth device, blah, blah, blah"
4) Once again, it finds your wii, so select it.
5) Now our favorite friend the "Bluetooth Paring" window shows up.  But not to despair!  This one, the "skip" button ACTUALLY WORKS!
6) Finish up the wizard, and jam out! ;)

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