Author Topic: D-Link DBT-122, Win7 x64bit problems!  (Read 12098 times)

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on: January 29, 2012, 11:50:48 PM

I am trying to connect my Wiimote with a Dlink dbt-122. as I saw it was on the list of working BT devices.  I am trying to connect to GlovePie

On the list it said it worked " with default D-Link driver AND this update for it:"

The drivers on the website are only for xp, but I got the update installed fine.  Using the "Add device" dialog finds the Wiimote just fine, but I've only ever gotten GlovePie to see it a couple times, other then that the device disapears and I have to try and connect it again,  when it do get it connectd, it works for only a few seconds, then I have to start over.

Is there any way to get a solid connection here?  Sorry I've had a search on these forums and haven't found any solid answers.