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Wiimote Friends

This is a self help guide to help users resolve Bluetooth issues. Please read this guide, follow its advice and if you continue to have problems post what you have found at each stage. After each stage try connecting again to see if it has resolved your problem.

If you have a BT connectivity issue please:
1. Read:
2. Check that:
  • Your device and stack are compatable
  • You are using the correct protocol
  • You don't have logitech
3. Read this self help guide & do what you feel confident doing
4. Post your problem to the Bluetooth help centre
5. Make sure you post includes:
  • Operating System:
  • Bluetooth Stack:
  • Bluetooth Stack version:
  • Connection Method using:
  • Detailed description of what happens:
  • A screen dump of your device manager (Bluetooth Devices & Human Interface Devices expanded)

Stage 1 (Check Bluetooth)
1. Connect any 'standard' PC Bluetooth device (mobile phone, keyboard, mouse, etc) if it connects and you can communicate with it (move cursor/type/view files) then your Bluetooth radio and stack are compatible.
2. Read and make sure you are using the best connection procedure.
3. Make sure on the first connection you allow the 'New Hardware Found' to complete. This creates a new HID and allows communication with the Wiimote

Stage 2 (Update software)
1. Update Windows/Mac OS make sure you update all available updates in windows update you need to select 'Custom' then go through and check all available updates. (Mac users could you let me know what you would do?)
2. If using a USB BT device update Widcomm or Bluesoleil, if a Laptop Internal USB it is NOT recommended to update, absolutely everything has failed.

Stage 3 (Update HID drivers)
1. Connect to the internet (make sure not through a heavily filtered connection like at many workplaces)
2. Go to Device Manager, Expand 'Human Interface Devices'
3. Select each device individually 'Right Click' select "Update Driver"
4. Wait for each update to complete (may or may not find a better update)

Stage 4 (Bluetooth HID Keyboard Error)
1. If the "Bluetooth HID Keyboard" in the HID list of the Device manager has an error (will have an exclamation marks over the icon)
2. Delete the HID
3. Connect using the correct connection sequence; make sure you give lots of time for 'Found New Hardware' to complete (maked sure your protection software (adaware, defender, norton, etc) isn't blocking the process).

Stage 5 (Block Windows Drivers (Works with Widcomm & Bluesoleil only)
Sometime if your BT radio is compatable with both Windows Bluetooth and the thirdparty Bluettoth stack it causes a conflick (obviously if your using MS Bluetooth skip this step).
1. Remove widcomm/bluesoleil with control panel/add-remove softwaret
2. Click Start, click Run, type %windir%\inf in the Open box, and then click OK.
3. Right-click Bth.inf, and then click Rename.
4. Rename Bth.inf to Bth.bak, and then press ENTER.
5. Install the third-party Bluetooth driver.

Stage 6 (Reload Stack/Load Different Stack)
1. Remove all BT software (DO NOT do if a Laptop internal stack) using Add/remove software
2. Run a Registry cleaner such as Registry Mechanic or CCLeaner (Tools/Registry). This will remove any stray registries.
3. Rebot computer
4. Reload software or:
    a) Just insert BT USB, see if Windows BT divers load
    b) Download demo Bluesoleil
    c) Try Widcomm

If you think it connects but are unsure, run the Wiimote Whiteboard application for your OS, connect then press button A. If it jumps to the calibration page then your connection is fine and your issues are more likely IR-Source related.

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