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on: December 15, 2008, 08:01:58 AM
Hey there skilled people! I am wanting to use my wiimotes as wireless quiz show buzzers.

Here is the scenario. I teach middle school and would love to be able to run a game show review session where I pose the question and kids buzz in if they have the answer.

In my mind this is what I am envisioning the project requirements to be.
1. ability to monitor at least 4 wiimotes
2. simple GUI that would indicate which remote was activated first (button push), second, third, etc. (for second chance points).

That would be the minimum.
Here is the rest of the wishlist:

3. GUI could be full screen with different colors for each remote or at least some obvious indicator.
4. Run along side wiimote whiteboard software so the kids could see and then interact with a PowerPoint Jeopardy style game.

Ideally it would be multiplatform as I run a Mac and PC, but I would be ok if it existed in the windows world only.

What do the experts think?


8th Grade science teacher

(P.S. I showed my kids the Johnny Lee video and then demo'ed the wiimote whiteboard and I have at least 3 kids actively working on making their own IR pens. This is a great way to get them into technology!)

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Reply #1 on: December 15, 2008, 09:34:28 AM
i might do it in vacation if i have a bit of time within the next three weeks. I'll let you know because im very very very busy these days.

if i do sth it would be in java windows and linux. Not OSX.
It would be very simple but meet your 3 firsts requirements.

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Reply #2 on: December 17, 2008, 07:35:17 PM
Thanks guiguito. That would be GREAT!

What a wonderful community. I just found wiimoteproject about a week ago and it is all very exciting.


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Reply #3 on: January 07, 2009, 11:15:03 AM
While student teaching last spring I used an audience response system (called Qwizdom) which integrated with keynote for mac. You basically put together the presentation and the software treated the title as the question for each slide and the subsequent bullets as responses. The responses were collected at the end of each question for every rf remote in use. The program could display graphs after a question so you knew when to stop and explain a concept when they weren't "getting it."

I found a possible open source solution:  They sell the hardware. Perhaps this could be modified to work with the Wiimotes? They say their API is opensource as well. I can't seem to find where they posted the actual source code however :(


There appears to be an opensource project at sourceforge.
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Reply #4 on: December 30, 2009, 09:38:12 PM
Can Glovepie support the connection of more then one Wii mote at a time? I am working on a similar project myself, I have a nice game board and graphical buttons that are already programmed to "lock out" other buttons when they are pushed.

The game questions and answers are created as HTML files, so it is pretty easy to customize and create your own content, rich content too, because since it is a web page, it could support audio, video, pictures, large text, Flash animations.... whatever. You just have to be very careful about what you name the web pages. Perhaps I could take a step back and create a link up mecanism where you can name the pages what ever you like.

Hey Boon Jin!! Do you hear the crys of the people? Could you add support for two more wii remotes to presenter mode of Smoothboard?

James Mclain
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Whalebone IR and Software

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Reply #5 on: January 18, 2015, 03:17:17 PM
Hey all, (I am contributing my find in the hopes it will help someone, but PLEASE read to the end - I need some help myself!)

Found this forum looking to turn my Wiimotes into Game Show Buzzers. I succeeded.


4 Wiimotes
Dolphin Emulator
Easy Quiz (free software from

Using Dolphin, I was able to Bluetooth connect all four Wiimotes to my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 Pro.

Using GlovePie, I was able to make the "A" button of 3 Wiimotes input the numbers 1, 2, and 3--respectively.
Also using GlovePie, I was able to make the 4th Wiimote input "space" on "A" button, "S" on "B" button, "W" on -(minus) button, and "R" on +(plus) button.

The Easy Quiz software allows for very simply, but very effective trivia-style game show hosting--complete with score keeping. You can customize almost everything with the software, too. Super awesome for the price of FREE - many thanks to the people at

The 3 Wiimotes inputting the numbers gave me game buzzers for 3 contestants. The 4th Wiimote controlled the "game show host" commands to advance to next question, show the scores at any time, and indicate right or wrong answer given.

If you need further help with set up, let me know.

Now - for MY question.

If anybody is familiar with any of the ingredients above, do you know if I can connect MORE than 3 Wiimotes to my PC at the same time?

Specifically, the Easy Quiz software allows for a maximum total of 12 buzzers to register/connect. My solution requires exactly 12 (whoo-hoo!) I don't have additional Wiimotes, yet. However, I can get more Wiimotes pretty cheap. I just wonder if I will be able to connect more than 4 Wiimotes at the same time and have all the software involved function properly, as desired. (Of course - I'm looking for a total of 13 Wiimotes to be connected - one for the game show host, and 12 for the contestants).

Your help on this will be greatly appreciated!