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on: January 11, 2009, 01:07:07 AM
Wiimote Friends

Here is a comprensive list of external Wiimote Related Links:

Johhny Chung Lee
Johhny Chung Lee's youtube channel
Johhny Chung Lee's Blog

Other Forums
Wiimote Linux Specifically for Linux
Wiimote Homebrew Specifcally for Homebrew Applications on the Wii rather than Wiimote applications
Wiire The Wii reverse engineered (part by part breakdown)

Core Wiimote Applications
Wiimote Smoothboard
Wiimote Java Whiteboard
Wiimote Presenter Wiimote Application List
Google Code Wiimote Applications:
Google Code Wiiboard Applications:

Development API's
Wiimote Simple:
Wii Opera SDK:
WiiCade Labs:

Bluetooth SDK's & libs:

Wiimote Modifications
Dirk Schouten

benpaddlejones :)

PM me with any links you think should be added.
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