Author Topic: Detailed manual for the Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard  (Read 17350 times)

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on: January 18, 2009, 11:19:52 PM
Wiimote friends

Some of you may have noticed that for the past 10 days I am constantly online and furiously posting. It has all been for a reason (nothing to do with needing to get a life)!

Myself and Boonjin have talked extensively about documenting everything known about the Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard.

The past 10 days I have scanned every corner of the Net for anything Wiimote to ensure the manual captures all available knowledge.

We'll here it is:

This manual provides:
  • A detailed guide to physically setup a Wiimote IWB
  • Including very detailed Bluetooth connectivity guides
  • A detailed manual to support Wiimote Smoothboard to come
  • Suggestion to enhance your Wiimote IWB

I would like to specifically thank everyone who shares on this forum it is your combined knowledge that has enabled the depth within this manual.

The manual provides specific support for Boonjin's Smoothboard however the setup guide has been written to provide knowledge for all Wiimote IWB applications and all Wiimote applications.

My aim has been to make the Wiimote IWB more accessible for all, I hope I have acheived this and welcome feedback.

benpaddlejones :)

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