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on: June 24, 2010, 08:35:44 PM
Hi Wiimote people,

I'm looking into developing a MIDI Percussion controller, and am hoping that this would be a good place to start.

I'm a percussionist, and am fairly familiar with MIDI, but don't know much about programming so am looking for some help / pointers on where to start.

My basic idea is:

Use a pair of Wiimotes to track IR LEDs on 2 mallets in 3D space.

Have a map so that when a mallet hits a predefined surface (plane?), it acts like a MIDI controller and triggers a corresponding MIDI note message.
 - this can be a simple drum map (e.g. a circle) or a more complex keyboard-style layout.

Add functionality for getting velocity data for each hit by tracking the velocity of each mallet (in real time), and then using the velocity of the mallet before each trigger to obtain velocity data for that note.

Later scope for (up to) 4 mallets (per pair of Wiimotes), dynamic projected maps supporting multiple layouts and instruments, multiple channel support, and possibly anticipation in order to combat latency - I'm fairly sure that this would make this a completely unique MIDI controller.

Exciting possibilities for shaping sounds post-hit, theremin style.

Sounds easy, huh?! :-\  

Ultimate goal is to develop something that could be used simultaneously with existing percussion instruments, e.g. a Xylophone / Marimba - like an overlay, which could trigger extra MIDI notes as you play the instrument, with separate channels corresponding to different areas of the keyboard, and invisible/projected virtual buttons on the body/surroundings of the instrument to change patch/bank/etc.

Possibly quite fun for games? - if you had a 3D bubble map, and you had to pop various bubbles by striking them with corresponding amounts of force, it could get interesting! :)

Who knows... any advice/help/criticisms/tips much appreciated!

 - Steffan

- Steffan