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First I would like to say; hello to the Wiimote project community as I am a new member here
After browsing through all of the topics on this site I have decided to create my own infrared glove to control a workstation in conjunction with a voice recognition program. My custom workstation is going to be very similar to this Gravitonus Iclubby one.
I am embarking on this project as I have Fibromyalgia and I want to create and ergonomic and efficient way tor computing for me and fellow sufferers.

My idea is to create a glove with three infrared LEDs on the tips of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. There are already a few topics like this on the site, but none of them fully cover the process of making one of these operational.
Like this one (which has ideas for a code):
So I would like to express my ideas on creating one.
1) The first idea is to have the three LEDs permanently lit. the thumb mounted LED would control the computer's cursor, and when you pinch the index finger the two LED blobs would merge which would be used to simulate a left-click and in order to simulate a right click you would pinch the two fingers and thumb together. Similar to Project Maestro from Cynergy Systems, but ought to be re-coded in order to control a Windows operating system.
For Base Code
For Video Click On the Image

2) The second idea is to have three LEDs on the glove. The film LED is permanently lit which would control the cursor, when you pinch the thumb and the forefinger you would activate the second LED (through circuit completion or a pressure sensitive button), and if you pinch the thumb and the middle finger it would activate the other two LEDs.

But I do have a few problems I have encountered.
1) Is a matter of coding. I have a few base codes to work with and a Mechatronics Engineer to help with the custom coding (though he is a rookie at C# and C++ so help is welcome)
2) Not sure which idea to use in order to create this.

Any help or ideas are welcome and when I get this working I will be posting step-by-step instructions in order to get this to work.
I will be updating this post with newer versions of code so the community can see and help with the progress.
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