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on: January 21, 2009, 07:19:07 AM
If you participated in the wiimote day @ macict yesterday, I would be grateful if you could post some discussions about your experiences here. Personally, I am particularly interested in how you applied the technology rather than the technical issues. But if you have tech issues, by all means please mention them here too! To solve them, maybe you will need to browse round the rest of the forum.

Many thanks,
Debbie Evans ;D

Centre Director
Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre
Macquarie University.

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Reply #1 on: January 22, 2009, 10:40:37 PM
Hi all,
Joe Stewart here,
Got back to Grafton quite exhausted but very keen to roll out the wiimote into the rest of the school asap. There are 5 other classrooms. I intend to start with Year 5 first as that teacher is quite computer literate and they were my Year 4 class from last year.  He also had a Promethean IWB last year when he taught Year 1. (We have a few teachers changing classes this year). I'm teaching Year 4. For those who weren't at the Conference, I've had a permanently powered wiimote setup for the whole of Term 4 2008 and it works like a dream. The children think it is fantastic and I am finding that the more it is used, the more stable and versatile it is becoming. I can't wait to start experimenting with other wiimote concepts this term to even more fully ultilise this device; eg Interactive Carpet (Floor) Square, Interctive Desk Tops, Interactive 3D Immersion Screens. Anyway.....

After installing a set up in Year 5 I'll then set up Year 6 and Year 3. The Year 6 Teacher is extremely keen but hasn't used an IWB apart from the odd occasion. The Year 3 teacher taught Kinder last year and had a Promethean IWB last year also. The Year 3 and 5 teachers will prove to be a great asset in testing the perfomance of the wiimote. That will leave Year 2. This class had a Promethean IWB last year as they were in Year 1, so this class will also be an interesting study case. How will they adapt to the slightly different setup? The existing switch pens may be harder for them to use, but the new Groove Pen will surely overcome this problem. Saw one working today and they are awesome. Problem solved!!!!

I spoke with Ben Jones today and discussed the concept of surveying my staff during the initial set process to document not just the problems or concerns but also their successes. Also, I want to track the way in which they use this technology. I'll develop a spreadsheet so that they can simply tick the types of activities / applications they use the wiimote whiteboard for during the day; eg Google Earth, Foxit Reader, Power Point, Internet Explorer, Linktivity, Jarnal, Google Sketchup etc etc.

This will provide an excellent reference for helping us in the understanding of the various teaching techniques and learning styles of children using this technology and ultimately help us define what is good pedagogy when using this technology. I'm a firm believer of providing quality teaching and learning environments first, technology second.

I also want to try and track the amount of time that the IWB is used as a teacher centered teaching tool as opposed to a student centered learning tool.

I will post results early next term as to the outcome of the above projects. In the meantime, all the parts I ordered for the IR pens have just arrived, so now I have to get busy and make the pens. I want to have at least two in every room. This will greatly improve the speed at which children and teachers can access the board. One pen dedicated for the teacher and at least one or two for the students to pass around!

Thank you Debbie from Macquarie ICT for helping make possible the opportunity for teachers across NSW to be able to come together so as  to promote such a unique concept, one that will benefit all students and teachers across the globe.

Stayed Tuned,
Joe Stewart
[email protected]

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Reply #2 on: January 27, 2009, 06:36:39 PM
Hi all,

Its Paul Hancock here. Loved the course.

I already had a working setup prior to attending the course, but my eyes have been opened to the potential uses of this system. I am particularly amazed at what can be done in the classroom with the Wiimote Analyser, as demonstrated by Ben Jones.
I plan on using the setup with my Year 7, Year 10 and Year 12 Mathematics classes this year. As I do not have a home room and am constantly moving throughout hte day, I will update you all on the probable hiccups this will cause.

Also, I should note that I run Mac and Linux systems, and they are just as simple (if not easier in the case of the Mac), to setup than a "Windoze" system.

Paul Hancock.
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