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//A Move Mouse With NunChuck and Control Sound Script
//by CraigBrian
// Version 1 - Feel free to edit the scipt some computers might be diffrent but this should work on most computers
//Made in GlovePie 0.43
//Acer Laptop special keys
//Most of the Acer Laptop special keys donít work, or only work sometimes.
//Including the envelope, Saturn, P, and e special keys; the media keys (FB, FF, MediaStop, PlayPause, VOL-, VOL+);
//the increase/decrease brightness keys, and the ?, Fn+F2, Fn+F3, Fn+F4, Fn+F5, Fn+F6, and Fn+F7. On the other hand, the Mute key
// (Fn+F8) works, but only triggers for a short while once you release it.
//The other VolumeUp and VolumeDown keys work fine (Fn+Up, Fn+Down), unlike their VOL- and VOL+ equivalents.

VolumeUp = Wiimote1.Plus
VolumeDown = Wiimote1.Minus
mute = wiimote1.home
//Just usally to test to see if hte Wiimote is conencitng to the computer and GLovePie fine
wiimote1.Rumble = wiimote1.a

mouse.LeftButton = Nunchuk.Z
mouse.MiddleButton = Nunchuk.C

//Use Nunchuk Joystick to move cursor.
mouse.x += (DeadZone(Nunchuk.JoyX, 5%)/75)
mouse.y += (DeadZone(Nunchuk.JoyY, 5%)/75)