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on: September 19, 2008, 10:05:54 PM
Wiimote Friends

Welcome to the Wiimote Project Market Place.

To make all users lives easy please read the following before you post!

1. Do not start new topics only reply to existing topics. This is to control the volume of topics and ensure that
2. If you can't find what you're looking for don't hijack others posts place a post in the 'Wanted' thread.
3. Do not post any bank details.
4. All transactions are made at the users risk.
5. Once you have received the goods please provide feedback by adding a reply to the topic of the item you purchased this provides other users with a guide to the seller and the product.
6. If you have a transaction nasty, please discuss with seller before ripping them to shreds online. They are often the result of transport or other issues outside of the sellers hands and quickly resolved when both parties problems are understood.
7. Post any concerns/needs/wants you have as a buyer to this topic.

1. ONLY IR based porducts can be sold in this thread.
2. Start a new topic for each item you are selling
3. Keep the topic up to date as you change/develop the item and delete when no longer selling.
4. Minimum Information:-
     - IR-Led (Manufacturer & Model)
     - Power Source
     - Picture (multiple is better)
     - Cost
     - Post to locations & costs
     - Contact info
   The more information you provide the better able purchasers can make a decision.
5. Cross posting by sellers that may be interpreted as 'hijacking to promote' will be removed
6. Post any concerns/needs/wants you have as a seller to this topic.

Benpaddlejones :)

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