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IR Pens / AAA Dual Switch Infrared Pen (Nib and Manual) The Djewel
« on: April 09, 2009, 01:58:23 PM »
We have added a dual function pen (the Djewel) to our range - nib pressure and manual switch on the same pen.

We have now added a budget manual pen to our range.

We have also expanded the range of accessories to include Wii remote mounting solutions.

I am pleased to announce that I have started production of a nib switch pen powered by an AAA battery. (AAA have a life measured in mAh of 1000+, the smaller watch style batteries are often less than 50.

David Fountain
The newest pen now keeps the LED assembly in the pen when you change the battery. A nib switch is essential for adopting a natural writing style, when you put the pen on the board the LED comes on when you lift it off the LED turns off. We also sell manual switch pens but younger children find the extra requirement to hold the button down while they write and then remembering to lift off the button when they finish a little more difficult than with the nib switch version.
Or for the flash version:

Announcement - I am pleased to announce that I have opened in the UK and run this store:

We currently offer three versions of an infrared pen:

  • The manual - 4.99
  • The nib - 8.00
  • The DJewel - both manual and nib pressure switches on one pen 9.50

Or through Ebay - if you prefer their, and PayPal's, guarantees.

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