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    • offers high quality Infrared pens that have a ergonomic feel, rubber grip, protector cap, and use a single AAA battery.   They come in seven colors: red, purple, fuscia, yellow, navy blue, light blue, and green.  A specially treated surface on the vishay infrared LED allows for the most visible IR light and keeps the pen visible up to a 17 degree angle.  The AAA battery is easy to replace and supplies months of power.  The LED is activated by a comfortable mini momentary switch located on the rubber grip near the tip.  TeachIR even offers special orders if you want the button located forward or behind the default location.  The pen is competitively priced at $18.99 each.'s most known item is the Infrared Pointer Wand. Teachers and students love this item!  This is a 24 inch pointer with a plastic hand at the end with the IR Led located on the pointer finger.  The extended pole allows you to use a Wii Whiteboard with an extra large screen. It also keeps you clear of the line of sight of the wiimote and allows you to stay to the side so you can face your audience.  Complete with TeachIR's exclusive ultrabright IR LED, this item is perfect for use in not only classrooms but large conference halls as well.   Social Studies publisher Teacher's Curriculum Institute ( uses this item exclusively for sales presentations and teacher training sessions.  The mini activation button is located near the bottom on a specially developed rubberized grip.  This also uses an easily replaceable AAA battery that last for months with average normal everyday use.  It comes in four colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. also offers a custom line of wands in fashion themes.  The wand is priced lower than a similar item found elsewhere and is of much higher quality.  Wands are $29.99

Check out for more information and latest deals on free shipping!  Go to  Also visit the blog site for in-depth information on products at

Wiimoteproject users will receive a 15% discount off the entire order if you use code "wiimoteproject" at checkout.

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