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Title: wiimote connects with computer but not Wiimote Whiteboard
Post by: evanellis74 on August 11, 2011, 03:55:00 AM
Wiimote whiteboard used to work perfectly on my laptop. I then upgraded it from running windows XP to windows 7 and cant get it working!!

I can connect the wiimote using the "Find device", but can't with wiimote whiteboard.  I have tried installing and uninstalling HID's.  What should I try next?  I have done my best to follow the suggestions on the page but haven't had any luck.

my compters details are
Windows 7 64 bit
HP EliteBook 8530p
HP integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Technology
Microsoft Bluetooth Emulator

Really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.