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wow, so I'm stupid, sorry. How do you take your source code and compile it for darwin and mac os x?

Mac OS / Re: Mac Compability
« on: March 01, 2008, 11:46:36 AM »
I am pretty frustrated with the lack of homebrew development of a wiimote vr application. Maybe I'm on crack and just not seeing it develop, but really someone explain to me why there's not not been any progress? I saw something at nordic games running on a mac, it looks great but as far as I know **LOVE** still runs on windows. which is f*cking ridiculous, preposterous, and infuriating.

I don't feel ashamed to say those with windows lead lives not worth living, and as far as no wiimac vr headtracking?

all I can say is: fix it.

thanks but I'll be waiting for the mac version...

I don't know what uses people find for those old micronazi greyboxes... it goes abacus, windows, mac...
and the spies  who photocopy it work for linux

did anyone ever think about how games work? like halo multiplayer, I mean theres usually two quadrants, the top player 1, and the bottom player 2...

why not too isolated quadrants with individual controllers, seems like it might be hard for the ir-reader to discriminate between the two signals, but I'm sure there's some way, the shape of or the shade etc...

so whats the story with the no apple version of this software, someone needs to compile that. don't mind me if I post that every other sentence from now on,...

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