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wow, so I'm stupid, sorry. How do you take your source code and compile it for darwin and mac os x?

I think, Cwiid is linux only. But anyway, I have no Mac, so you must figure it out yourself.

How is the remote connected under linux? Is there some kind of interface, that hands out the controller's data? If so, what data can be accessed?

The Cwiid ( project supplies a nice interface. You can either query the Wiimote's state or register a callback for events.

Code: [Select]
/* Establish a continous and non-blocking connection */
    g_wiimote = cwiid_connect(&g_bluetooth_address, CWIID_FLAG_CONTINUOUS|CWIID_FLAG_NONBLOCK);

Just take a look at my code. It's pretty easy, documented and straight forward.

Hey hey,

I wrote a C/C++ head-tracking application for Linux. Please, come and visit my website to learn more about it:

You can download my software as source code or as a Debian/Ubuntu package.

Comments are welcome!

Say Hi! / Hi from Germany
« on: February 25, 2008, 03:51:25 AM »
Hi, I'm from Germany. It's nice to be here!

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