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Thanks. Let me try it out and see how things will work you. let me play around with it and will let you know what i did.

Also as you see in the earlier post, waiting for vidali's code or some other method to put images into multi touch and play around with it.


I am sorry but not able to find out about vidali's code.
Did Google search also and also in discussion forum, but nothing came out of that.

If you give me little bit of precise thing, would be great help.

Thank you.

Hi all,

I have some doubts. I am trying to create hand gesture based interaction through wiimote (something similar to minority report). I have some doubts for that.

Right now the existing program of wiimote multitouch gives the grid sort of image. Can i put any image(may be my photograph) and do the same type of interaction? Or can i create some graphics in processing,vvvv etc and integrate with wiimote multi touch program? If not, then is wiimote multi touch only limited to grid example? or there is some other way where i can put some graphics or images inside and do multi touch interaction? is there any program which can be integrated in wiimote mutlitouch?

Thank you.

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