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Hi All
3P Interact are now supplying a complete remote mounting system for the wiimote. It consists of a high quality data projector mount, a clip in power adapter with built in mount thread and a remote syncing button.

The insert is something we have been developing for a considerable time. It clips in where the battery cover on the wiimote normally goes and an ac/dc adapter is plugged directly into it. It handles a wide range of voltages and regulates the current supplied to a steady 2.9vdc (which the wiimotes like).

The remote syncing button plugs into the mount wiring harness and allows the user to put the wiimote into 'discoverable' mode remotely (the button is supplied with a 10m extension cable).

There is no physical interference with the wiimote itself except for the removal of the battery cover (which could be refitted if the user wanted at a future time).
All three items are supplied as part of our Classroom Kit which is a professional solution aimed at permanent classroom setups. Have a look at and

Dave, Rob, Steve
3P Interact Ltd

Accessories / Ceiling mounts
« on: October 30, 2008, 03:24:34 AM »
On our website there are photos of the ceiling mount we have designed to make the whole interactive whiteboard experience practical for classroom teachers.

The main features are:

Top mounting plate can adjust to be used on flat or sloping ceilings.
Bottom mount is a swivel to allow for precise positioning of the wiimote.
Centre tube can be used to run mains adapter power cord through.
Length can be specified by the customer to suit their needs.

We can supply wiimotes adapted with a socket to take the standard 1/4inch thread on the bottom swivel.
We will consider supplying just the top plate and bottom swivel to overseas customers to keep the freight reasonable (buyers would obviously have to supply/make their own extension tube).

All prices on our website are in NZD and include a 12.5% local government tax that overseas customers do not pay. To give you an idea of cost, these mounts are $54 USD (excluding freight)to overseas buyers.

3P Interact Ltd

IR Pens / IR pen from 3P Interact Ltd
« on: October 05, 2008, 10:31:28 PM »

Our group in New Zealand (all school principals), have developed an IR pen specifically for classroom use.

Specifications:   LED Lumex 940nm
                  60 degree 100mA
                  Battery - single alkaline AAA
                  Tactile switch mounted near tip
                  Cost is $26 usd plus postage

Our contact information is at


Accessories / New Zealand Company
« on: October 05, 2008, 05:15:26 AM »
Hi, I represent a group in New Zealand - 3pi. We are all school principals who are excited about this low cost technology and have been working on solutions to make it workable in our schools.

After a lot of design and testing, we have developed several practical products that let students and teachers use the wiimote interactive whiteboard on a daily basis in their classrooms. We do not list an item until we are sure it will prove durable and effective.

Our solutions are not the cheapest available, but they work, and will continue to do so. Up to now, we have not supplied any items outside NZ, but are happy to do so if the purchaser wishes. Please note that the listed prices include a 12.5% NZ consumer tax which does not apply to overseas purchasers.

Not currently listed, but under testing, are classroom ceiling mounts.

3P Interact Ltd

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