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Project Ideas / Re: Buttons Everywhere (Key Mapping)
« on: March 10, 2008, 02:13:03 PM »
Tnx :)

Whiteboard / Re: Whiteboard Eye Candy
« on: March 09, 2008, 04:16:30 AM »
nothing special..just the whiteboard script with an eyecandy game (what you see is the startscreen of plasmapong :) )

Project Ideas / Re: Buttons Everywhere (Key Mapping)
« on: March 09, 2008, 04:07:15 AM »
so i went ahead and made some myself..
find the clip here:

and you can find the 'scripts' at here:

anyway..if ppl like the idear..then pls remake it it into a usable package.

Desktop VR / Re: Image viewer based on DesktopVR idea.
« on: February 26, 2008, 03:05:51 PM »
Super! :)

Project Ideas / Buttons Everywhere (Key Mapping)
« on: February 24, 2008, 01:48:56 AM »
Idear: A method to use the whiteboard without monitor, or independent from the monitors video output.
Uses: Can act as an interface for static, unchanging 'touchscreen' areas.
For example: I could then draw a mediaplayer on my chest next to my bed...and use it. I could make my left side of the couch click previous music, and the right side of my couch next music.. and so on..the possible uses are endless.

Principle of use:
step1: define whiteboard with the 4dot method.
step2: define button 1 area with the 4dot method.
step3: assign key or button to buttonarea1
step4: repeat steps 2 and 3 for as much as neccesary.

For this to work, only minor changes are needed. The only additional script would be the assigning of keys and buttons as the rest is allready there.

Necessary changes to whiteboard: 
Atm whiteboard consists of
-4dot initialisation script
-mousecontrol script

For my suggestion, it would need:
-4dot initialisation script
-button map script


For interaction this way, some situations prefer a real button instead of a pen.. for this i suggest using led coasters.

Desktop VR / Re: Image viewer based on DesktopVR idea.
« on: February 22, 2008, 11:01:38 PM »
Could you perhaps include an option for windowed in your next update?

First of all, let me empathize again that DDR was meant Only as an example with a high visualisation value..

The principle i ask for has great potential..for example, i could aim my wiimote at my couch, select my left armside as music back, and my right side as music foreward...the uses are endless.

As for DDR..i dont see the same problems as you do... All ppl that play that game know that the mat for at home does not compare to the mats at arcade halls.. you can find diys to make one, but face it... who wants such a bulky device in his house. The '... Everwhere' solution does not neccesarily mean you have to move it daily.. it just gives complete freedom of where and how you want it.

First of all, i see no problem in the initialisation step.
Like with the whiteboard, you'll need to place it in the correct angle to see the whole area you want to use. This is Very achievable for DDR.

Lets say the button surfaces are defined by the 4dot system as well, just like the initial initialisation of the touch area(whiteboard). This would mean, you need 4 dots for the total area, and 4 dots for each square you can stand on. So a 20 dot initialisation process.. that doesnt sound to bad to me...

Using Raw would limit the application to DDR, besides..i think it would be really hard to create something that wont have a lot of misreads.

As for knowing where what button is for the user..yea..that would be a problem occurring in more situations then only DDR.
Not with the Couch-winamp example, because i allready know where the armsides of my couch are. With most other situations however, you might need some stickers, pieces of paper, lint or bedsheet or any other marker to tell you where the buttons are, depending on what the application is used for. (i would prolly go for a bedsheet with drawn squares on it or so.) With DrumMania i would prolly go for stickers. For basic winamp functions and a turnoff button for my pc on the side of my closet next to my bed, i would prolly go for stickers as well..
anyway..i hope you get the idear.

i totally agree with the drum mania stucks.. such a click mechanism is neccesary to make that work, but the heart of the functionality, lies in software that allowes you to make buttons out of areas from your 'whiteboard'.

I find the value in a solution like this, that..just like the can use it anywhere, and can transform anything into a whiteboard, this would be the case as well with the beatmania, just aim the wiimote at a table, select some squares as drums, and play..

The solution you suggest for the DDR does not include this '... Everywhere' principle.. personally i thought the solution would be to wear the leds on the sides of the shoes, with the click system under the foot.. but thats a whole different thread;)

I think it should not be to hard to progrqam right?..i special functions, everything straightforeward no?
I really hope someone with the skills sees the potential of this.

Allthougfh thats a really nice application i didnt see before (tnx), thats not whats needed for my suggestion.

Picture this:
I take a piece of paper (or some other surface)
First i do the initialisation step, like with the whiteboard (the 4 dots).

Lets say the surface is 20cm2.

Then i do a second initialisation step, namely..within that 20cm2, i point out an area that should act as a button.

For example i could say that the left half of that paper is the 'Esc' button and the right side of that paper is the 'Enter' button.

and so on..

The best way for this initialisation to happen is for the application to record the ledpen movement on the surface, but that would be pretty hard to program i guess.. so the second best, but less flexible way would be to have a representation of the surface on the computer, and define buttons there.

I hope the idear, and possibilities of it is more clear now

letme know if something is still unclear.

Hi again..

I have a suggestion that would allow for

and possibly even (but with some more hassle as for the leds)
Dance Dance revolution / Pump it Up / Beatmania /Pop'n Music
stuff like that..

It will allow for custom interfacing with countless serious apps as well..

The suggestion is following:

Like with the whiteboard, you define the screen,
then you define parts of the screen and assign buttons or keypresses to those parts.

Thats it..
in the case of BeatMania you could then define those parts as drums, and have your drumsticks have leds.
With dance dance revolution, you could devine 4 squares on the ground, and wear 2 leds on the shoos..admitted..this isnt most practicle and does not allow for hands as well.. but it should work

Ofcourse this would have applications far beyond a drummachine and stuff with huge squares, but its an easy picturable implementation, so i hope someone sees the value in a application like this and compensates my lack of programming skills, makes it and shares it ;)

I just noticed that pressing vs clicking makes a huge difference in reflection.


clicking:(with the led on the paper, but witthout applying pressure)

Whiteboard / Re: Whiteboard Eye Candy
« on: February 18, 2008, 12:20:08 PM »
i was thinking GOA parties.. :D :D :D
it is practicly a interactable oil projector
normal leds can allready be bought for and at parties and are perfect for this (in this case, why go only UV) ..and cigarettes would do the trick as well :)

IR Pens / Re: Very compact pen. Alternative push
« on: February 18, 2008, 12:05:55 PM » was really easy to build as it was a perfect fit from the start :)
also, the spot where those metal bending pieces where, now form a perfect sized hole for those very small square buttons you find in radios and stuff. like 4mm2 or so, so the same plug could be used for pens with a button without it becomming ugly as well.
Check this fits perfectly (allthough atm 2 connections prefent me from fully placing it, but the dimentions are a perfect fit, it even has the same depth as the hole.)

edit.. so i made it and this is how it looks now (as cn be seen in the first post)

also check this perfect fit for the led.

It works pretty good as well with this alternative button,..although it does limit its use to hard surfaces, but at it, it probably works better. It also feels good in the hand (although 1cm more wouldnt have been bad)

The car cigarette plug is a One standard plug (or at least i think it is).. meaning that everyone should get the same perfect fits as i did.

As i was searching some stuff today, i found a car cigarette lighter recharge cable...A really cheap one for sale for +- 1 euro at dump stores. was perfect to make into a ledpen, and i used the available mechanism as pushbutton for the led, so in this version..clicking is pushing the pen softly on the surface.

In the last picture the pen with battery and led in place and ready to go.

here some more pictures, now with a button as well.

Whiteboard / Whiteboard Eye Candy
« on: February 18, 2008, 07:44:29 AM »

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